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Dads are people too! We deserve some attention, knowledge, and understanding just like mom and baby. If you are feeling left out or sidelined during the pregnancy or early childhood, I can relate!

Brand New Papa Our Pregnancy Announcement
Our Pregnancy Announcement

Brand New Papa was started in May 2016 by Dad. I am currently expecting my first baby (girl!) sometime around May 21, 2016. I started this blog to discuss my parenting, thoughts, ideas, feelings, and money saving tips. I’ve found it frustrating as a dad-to-be that everything seems focused on the mother and the baby.

I’m trying to change how we think and talk about fathers and fatherhood. I think the lack of focus on fathers is a large part of the reason we have “dead-beat dads,” dads that run off, or even just plain ol’ emotionally distant fathers. Without a support structure and people to talk to, we have no outlet for our fears and feelings.

In our current culture, dads are supposed to be stoic; we shouldn’t be. Our children need to understand that men can have feelings and need to express them just like anyone else.

Don’t be scared, Brand New Papa – we are here with you!

This isn’t a parenting blog. This is a dad blog. There isn’t a right or wrong way to raise your child. This blog simply explores how to raise children in today’s world. We face new issues that previous generations never even thought about. Overcoming these issues and raising a well adjusted child is a challenge we all face as new fathers.


I am not a specialist in child development, a psychologist nor a pediatrician. I don’t have any real qualifications other than self-education and experience. I am just sharing my feelings, experience, and knowledge on the childhood experience. Use any advice on this site at your own risk, I assume no liability. If you are experiencing an emergency, call your doctor or go to the hospital immediately!

About the Author

I am employed full time as hybrid systems test engineer for a major Japanese automotive company. I received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering and a master’s of engineering management with a focus on automotive systems, both from The Ohio State University.

In addition to working full time, I also run a small technical consulting and engineering design company. I do 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and design for my clients. I started it in January of 2016 and have a few clients.

My ultimate dream is to save a large chunk of money from my full time job such that I can quit and pursue my business and other interests. Consider it a form of early retirement. My goal is to complete this by the time I am 40 years old, I’m currently 31 and just getting started. My baby is going to throw a monkey wrench into this plan!

I enjoy weight lifting, running, and apparently, blogging.