Baby Feeding and Diaper Chart

Baby Feeding and Diaper Chart

I’ve made a free baby feeding chart for you! Every newborn parent should be tracking their baby’s food, urine, and bowel movements for at least the first two weeks. This is a very simple way to ensure your baby is healthy and eating enough food. Your baby cannot tell you when they are hungry or if their tummy hurts. The only way for you to know is by tracking their input and outputs.

I’ve created a free baby feeding and diaper log for easy tracking of baby’s habits. Print several of these sheets out and take them to the hospital with you. Start tracking your baby’s habits immediately after birth. The first three days are the most important, to ensure the baby’s digestive system is starting up. I recommend charted at least until baby’s first doctor appointment. You’re doctor will ask you about this, and having an easy reference sheet is an easy way to be prepared!

Download our the free feeding and diaper log below. Infant Feeding and Diaper Record

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