Our Early Labor Scare

Our Early Labor Scare

When my wife was 32 weeks pregnant, she went into early labor. That’s 8 weeks early.


early labor sex
We did the nasty
It was a Friday night, after another long week. I had been working a lot of overtime for work, as well as trying to stay afloat with grad school and my business. I hadn’t really seen my wife much during the week. We went out of an uneventful dinner, then came home and watched some TV. Ironically, we watched the first in a series of videos about childbirth, followed by an episode of Louie. In Louie, Louie ends up having sex with a surrogate, which puts her into labor. We laughed a lot.


Fast forward an hour, and we’re in the exact same situation. We did the deed, and my wife got up to use the bathroom. She called me from the bathroom with fear in her voice. My heart sank down into my stomach as she told me she was bleeding. I walked into the bathroom to see her holding bloody toilet paper and bleeding down below. I felt sick.


I gathered myself, I had to keep it together. I asked her if we should call her doctor. Her doctor doesn’t have an emergency line. I told her to get dressed and we ran to the car. I now know how fast I can get to the hospital in an emergency.


We screeched to a halt at the emergency room entrance and abandoned the car. We hurried past the security checkpoint, and were rushed to the front of the line. A pregnant woman in the ER always gets first priority. I told the nurse my wife is 32 weeks pregnant and bleeding. They immediately put my wife in a wheelchair and wheeled us up to the birthing triage. It was the longest walk of my life. The guy pushing the wheelchair didn’t have a care in the world and took his damn time getting us there. He casually joked with a coworker we passed in the hallway.


The resident examined my wife and checked the baby with ultrasound. The baby appeared to be fine, and the amniotic sack was not ruptured. The called my wife’s practice and spoke to the doctor on call. The doctor had us admitted and for observation because my wife was starting to dilate and have contractions.


Early labor
My Baby’s Gonna Be Ripped!

The nurses put my wife on a magnesium stearate drip to help stop the contractions. They also put her on penicillin drip in the case of strep. They gave her steroid injections so that the baby’s lungs would develop faster in case of premature birth. I guess my baby will be strong!

We were in the hospital for two nights while they monitored my wife and baby. It was the most stressful two nights of my entire life! Thankfully labor slowed down from the drugs and after the doctor checked my wife on Sunday morning they sent us home. What a relief.


They put her on a blood pressure medicine to lessen the contractions and put her on bed rest for a week, and partial bed rest for a second week. This means I’ve had to do everything around the house. Cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, doing the laundry, emptying the dishwasher while still doing all my other duties (work, school, business, mowing the yard, setting up the nursery, etc). It is hands down the most exhausting few weeks of my life.


As I write this, my wife has just surpassed 39 weeks (while having contractions the whole time!). Our baby officially made it to full term. We are now just waiting for her to arrive. The doctor told us at week 37 it could be “any day now.” The anticipation is just killing me!

Quick update: Everything ended up working out fine. Read our labor story here!

Did your partner experience any early labor or preterm labor? How did you handle it? How did it make you feel? Tell us in the comments!

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