The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done Part 3

The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done Part 3

We had very little interested in Dude.

Dude the dog
Dude was our baby

I had one call from a couple in Cleveland expressing interest, but they never called me back after we initially talked. We had nothing for several weeks. On week five, we had two women contact us. One seemed very interested and wanted to meet Dude. We had high hopes. On the day she was supposed to meet him, she bailed. She said she came down with some health problems. The other lady never responded when my wife sent her a list of screening questions.

All of the rescue agencies said we wouldn’t have much luck.

They were right. Dude is an older dog that can’t be around small children or other dogs. That severely limited the households he could live in. He also suffered from occasional Lyme disease flare ups. Several rescue groups said that this was happening more and more frequently. Couples were getting dogs before they had children, and then the dogs don’t deal well with the new baby . It’s a shift from decades past where couples would have kids right away and get a dog later.

So, week six came.

Dude the dog
His last night in bed

I asked for Friday off from work. My wife scheduled an appointment with the vet. Dude came home to us on Thursday night. I gave him his favorite wet food. We then went for a walk. I let Dude lead. We went wherever his heart desired and stayed as long as he wanted. He was happy. I was sad, but trying to enjoy my time with him. We walked for an hour; it was a beautiful night.

Friday morning we woke up. I fed Dude and let him out. My wife and I got dressed and ready. Granny came to watch the baby for us. We took Dude to the metro park for a long walk on the trails, one of his favorite things. He sniffed until his heart was content. He splashed around in the creek a little bit. It was blistering hot, so he wore out fast. We loaded back into the car and headed to Wendy’s. We got Dude a Baconator hamburger for his last meal. He chowed it down in no time flat. We shared our fries with him. I didn’t have much appetite, so he got half of my Baconator too.

After that, we drove to the vet, just down the street.

They weren’t quite ready for us yet, so we let Dude sniff around and poop in the grass outside. They called us into the room with the couch. We struggled through a few questions. They decided to sedate Dude before giving him the IV. I was not happy about that. After about ten minutes, he was collapsed and breathing heavy on the floor.

Dude the dog last picture
Last picture ever taken

Tears started to form in his eyes. I actually saw him cry. Something I’d never seen before, even after he was hit by a Jeep. A single tear rolled down his snout. He knew what was happening. They installed an IV line. A few minutes later the doctor came in with the injections.

They gave him the first injection, his breathing slowed and then stopped. We broke down.

I lost my best friend.



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