Brand New Papa – A new dad blog

Brand New Papa – A new dad blog

“Aren’t there already enough dad blogs in the universe?” you must be asking yourself right now. Yeah, you’re probably right, but I don’t give a shit. I started this dad blog for me. Not for you. Not for you momma. Not for your grandmomma. Not for your baby….well, okay, maybe for your baby. Just a little bit.

Mystery Dad
WTF is wrong with this family?

I’m on the cusp of entering fatherhood, and it’s frightening. I’m starting this dad blog as a place to gather my thoughts, feelings, and ideas as I embark on the journey to raise my child (maybe, children some day).

I’ve been somewhat frustrated with my experience as a dad to be. It seems everyone wants to focus on the mom and the baby – nobody seems to care about good ol’ dad. We’re taken for granted. ¬†We’re there supporting mom, feeding the baby, maybe bringing home the bacon without a nod of acknowledgement. No one asks, “how is dad holding up?” or “What is dad feeling?”

I’m going to explore my feelings on this blog, share what I am thinking. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you can offer help and encouragement. Maybe we can build a community of dads and change the way we look at good ol’ dad in our culture. Maybe not. Either way, I’m going to try.

Create the culture you want to live in.

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