How to swaddle a baby

How to swaddle a baby

How to swaddle a baby or making a baby burrit
Make a baby burrito! By: nyuhuhuu

Do you know how to swaddle your baby? If you consider yourself a super dad, you probably do…but for the rest of us here are some tips. Swaddling a baby is a great way to help calm a fussing baby. A good swaddle help child feel warm and secure.

A newborn baby was just separated from the only place they have known for their entire life – the womb. Being out in a big cold world can be a shock to anybody, in particular a new baby. By swaddling your baby, you are helping them feel snug, secure, and warm – just like in the womb!

Newborns tend to have sharp little nails that need constantly trimmed. They love to swing their arms around and up and down. This is how the baby explores her world and gets to know her body. The downside is that baby can scratch her face and wake herself up when she is sleeping calmly! Swaddling lets you hold her arms in a secure and safe fashion. This will prevent her scratching her face or smacking herself in the middle of a nice nap.

Swaddling is pretty simple with a calm baby. If your baby is fussing, but she is clean and fed, a good swaddle might help calm her down.

How to Swaddle:

  1. how to swaddle a baby
    The perfect swaddle By: Ian Griffith

    Start by taking a rectangular receiving blanket (or two). Lay it out flat on the floor or in her crib so that it looks like a diamond to you. Fold the top corner down about 25% of the way – this will take some practice to find the sweet spot for your baby. Just try a few times and you’ll figure it out.

  2. Now, lay your baby so that his neck line is even with the fold you just made (head is above the fold). Tuck baby’s right arm down against his side, and pull that corner of the blanket over snug. Make it somewhat tight, and tuck the corner under the baby.
  3. Next, pull the bottom corner up, but leave it loose enough for baby to kick his legs, and tuck it under the baby’s left shoulder.
  4. Finally, pull the left arm down, and pull the right corner of the blanket over the baby like you did with the left corner. Tuck it under the baby and enjoy your swaddled baby burrito!

My description not doing it for you? Check out this youtube video. It shows the one blanket and two blanket techniques. You are now an expert on how to swaddle your baby and well on your way to super dad! Now go make some baby burritos!

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