I did it!

I did it!

Okay, so I took a week off. I think you guys will survive. I took a week off in part to relax and celebrate!

I’ve got two major reasons to celebrate this week.

First – I graduated!

On Sunday August 7, 2016 I walked down the aisle to receive my diploma from the dean of the school of engineering at Ohio State University. I received a master of Global Engineering Leadership. It has always been a goal of mine to pursue higher education. In 2007, I received my bachelors of science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, also from Ohio State University. At the time, I wanted to keep studying and get my masters degree, but my financial situation wasn’t conducive to staying in school.

Celebrate Masters Degree
Masters graduation

My beautiful wife and daughter attended the ceremony to watch me walk. I don’t think my daughter really understood what was happening hahahaha. However, it is good to have a picture of her with me in my cap and gown with a diploma for later in life.

My journey to graduation and was long and very difficult at times. Two years ago, I decided it was “now or never” to act on my dream. Going back to school get a degree after having a baby didn’t sound like much fun. My wife and I discussed it and we both decided it was time if I was going to do it.

I researched a few programs, and found one I liked. It seemed to be flexible enough that I could keep working. I knew my wife wanted to have children soon, so we discussed that too. We decided we’d start trying to conceive in my last semester in school. That way the baby could cook, and arrive shortly after I finished. Obviously, things didn’t go according to plan. Most things don’t.

I’ve mentioned before, but I worked full time while attending school. If that wasn’t enough, I also was running my small business, starting Brand New Papa, and trying to take care of my pregnant wife. So, if you ever feel inspired to improve yourself, reach for a goal, or pursue a higher education don’t be scared. Where there is a will there is way. You can get it done. I’m here to support you and believe in you!

Second – Our Anniversary!

celebrate 8 year anniversary
Celebrating 8 Years

My wife and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary this week! Okay, we didn’t really celebrated it. Everyone kind of forgot! We’ve been so busy with graduation, taking care of the baby, and dealing with the early death of our dog that neither of us really remembered. We were sitting in bed with the baby that night, and I said to my wife, you know I think it is our anniversary! We both laughed.

Later that week, we were telling her brother about how we both forgot. My wife said it’s been a great 7 years. I had to remind her we’ve been married 8. I guess one of those years wasn’t so great hahahaha. Just goes to show you, its not always the man that forgets!

So join me in celebrating these two major occasions! Don’t forget to celebrate all the small things that are good in your life too!


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