Cash Money

Want to save some cash money? I have some very high standards, so if these meet my demands, they will surely make you happy. I have tested and actively use all of these services. Full disclosure: I may receive a small commission through your referral. That doesn’t influence my recommendation, it only helps maintain this blog. If for any reason I don’t personally use these services myself or they no longer meet my standards, they will be deleted.

Financial & Money – Digit is my new favorite method to save money. I’ve always been very focused on my money and where it is going – I thought my savings were optimized. I was wrong. Digit analyzes your spending and income, and finds small amounts of money to skim off the top that you won’t notice. Sit back and watch your cash money grow. I saved $65.92 my first month (on top of already optimized savings!). My wife saved over $300 her first month! – Are you spending lots of money on diapers and other baby gear? Make sure you aren’t losing money from retailer price drops. watches your online shopping at,, and others. When it sees a price drop after you make a purchase, it automatically makes a refund request for you. You save cash money, they collect a 25% fee on your savings! Seems fair to me! – Betterment is a robo-adviser. Don’t let the post-apocalyptic name scare you; Betterment is all about saving you cash money and growing your wealth. I have been using Betterment due to its extremely low investment fees and set-it-and-forget investing. You input your goals, retirement age, and other stats and Betterment’s fancy algorithms and financial gurus guide you down the best path to grow your wealth and increase your cash money. Get a free month if you sign up with my link.


Blogging & Webhosting

Web hostingDreamhost – Web hosting at its best! I’ve been using Dreamhost for more than 10 years to host my various websites and businesses. You can’t go wrong with Dreamhost – great servers, good customer service, and reliable. They have awesome “one-click” installs for WordPress and ecommerce solutions. Plus, they are mega cheap compared to the competition. I’ve been a happy customer for a decade!